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Spoiled Rotten.

13 Feb

Reading Week is almost here.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I’m looking forward to having a break.


Well, for two reasons.

(1) I’m up to my eyeballs in assignments.

So this week could be a really productive one (What? It could happen…maybe).

It would be so nice to be totally caught up in all of my classes.

(It might be nothing but a pipe dream, but I’m going to try to make it happen).

And (2) My parents miss me so much that I pretty much get whatever I ask for when I come home.

Now, I realize that I may sound cruel here, or even a little spoiled…but I can’t help it.

Seriously…my mom makes me whatever food I want.

(I’ve already requested mashed potatoes as a side dish for a minimum of two meals, a nice grilled steak, and cherry cheesecake—chilled, not baked).

How is anyone supposed to resist that?

Oh, and she does any laundry that I bring home, too. And I figure if she’s going to be doing it anyway, then I might as well throw in my bedding and towels and such.

And my dad is no different, even though he probably thinks he doesn’t spoil me.

Every time I leave the house my dad gives me spending money. It actually got to the point once where I actually had to refuse his money…imagine that: a university student turning down free money.

I was telling him the other day that my basketball shoes are getting really worn out and they’re starting to get really uncomfortable.

I’ll be getting a new pair over the break…nice ones.

And perhaps the best part of all…

My parents don’t make me do anything when I come home.

No chores at all.

I can’t wait.

Now I’ll admit that this whole thing sounds like a case of severe manipulation, and some might argue that I’m taking advantage of my parents’ loving nature.

But the funny thing is, they could read this blog tomorrow and that wouldn’t change a thing.

They’d still do all these things for me.

Which is why I think it’s time they deserved a little thank-you gift.

Now I’m not normally one to show much affection, but, I don’t know, maybe the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow has got me in a weird mood…

I hereby would like to tell the world that my parents are the best…(and that statement is now on the Internet so YOU KNOW it’s official).

And as a gift to them for being awesome, I’m only going to bring home one load of laundry instead of two.

You’re welcome.



Too Smart for My Own Good?

17 Jan

=  yikes

One of my friends said this to me via text the other day:

You’re too smart for your own good.

First of all, thanks!

Second of all, so not true.

I may be in university and an adult now, but I do some really stupid things sometimes.

And being on my own in a new place isn’t helping.

I’ve locked myself out of my house (multiple times).

Yesterday I attempted to get something out of my bag while carrying hot chocolate and walking, all at the same time…I ruined my sweater and my jeans.

I pulled on a door clearly marked “push”….a couple of times.

I made a pasta salad, but I misjudged how much pasta to cook…I’ve been eating it for most of my meals for the last week.

Oh, and then there are those texts I send to my mom and dad every so often.

I ask them some really phenomenal questions sometimes…and it only occurs to me afterwards how dumb they sound.


Here are just a few of them:

Does chocolate stain? (From the aforementioned multi-tasking incident).

Then: It was HOT chocolate, does that make a difference?

 Is a red sweater safe to put in with a load of whites?

 How do you cook chicken? 

 Can you put a load of colours and whites in the same dryer? 

 How do you clean a green onion?

 How long will cheese keep in the fridge? (I asked this one too late…my cheese got blue mold).

So clearly, I have my moments.

But what’s really amazing to me is the fact that I can go to class in my first year of university and have my mind blown about some of the things that I’m learning…and then I can have moments like these where I feel like I’m not thinking at all.

Maybe all this higher learning is pushing some of the more basic pieces of knowledge out of my head…hmmm…

But on the bright side, I learned the answer to most of the stupid questions that I asked my parents.

I can now cook chicken like a pro, clean onions like nobody’s business, and separate my laundry in no time.

These might not be skills that I anticipated learning, (mostly when I thought of coming to university, I thought of gaining more academic-type knowledge), but they are skills that are (shockingly) important for everyday life.

So, all the expenses of university life are paying off, I think.

After all, can you really put a price on life skills?

(FYI mom and dad, that’s a rhetorical question)

Good Things to Know

19 Dec

I survived my first semester of university.


Well, minus exams…but I’m going to focus on the positives for now, (i.e. classes are done, I have no more essays to write or presentations to do, and I have some time off to relax).

Looking back at my short time here at UTM, I realize that I’ve learned a few lessons.

Some may seem like they should have been no-brainers, yes.

Some I probably knew before I came to university.

But trust me…until you actually experience something, you don’t really know what good advice is.

So, I think these little lessons I’ve learned are worth sharing.

Here you go:

1. Don’t keep snacks in your room.


It’s simple: seeing them will cause you to eat them.

Boredom and easily accessible snacks are not a good combination.

There have been many times when I have been studying for way too long, gotten totally unfocused and exhausted, and found my salvation in a bag of Tostitos nacho chips…because they were there, on my desk, right in front of me.

If I had to walk to my kitchen to get them, I probably wouldn’t have eaten the whole bag.

So, keep snacks out of sight.

(Confession: this is horribly hypocritical advice for me to give right now because I’m staring at a box of crackers as I type this blog in my room…)

2. If the professor assigns you an article that he/she has written, it’s a safe bet you will be tested on it.

Similarly, if your TA only covers one topic in tutorial, bet that it’s on the test.

And finally, if your Prof explicitly says that something will be on the test, count on it being on the test.

Too many times I ignored the obvious clues that were dropped to me in lectures and tutorials.

Please, learn from my mistakes.

3. Do your readings the week that they are assigned.

Image Don’t save them all up for the few days before the test…like I always did. It’s unnecessarily stressful.

If you stay on top of things, you won’t have to play catch-up the week of the test.

4. Don’t pull all-nighters to get your work done.


This is a big one.


I got very little sleep last week and spent the better part of my weekend napping.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that sounds like a pretty great weekend.

And it was.

The problem was the fact that I spent the few days leading up to that weekend feeling totally exhausted.

I’m young…I shouldn’t feel tired all the time!

So…major take-away here: SLEEP = GOOD.

5. Know that as soon as you tell yourself that you’re going to start doing homework after this one song or this one video is over, that that one song and video will turn into more, until you’re in your room, munching on crackers and NOT doing anything school-related.

 Oh, it’s happened to me so many times.

That first song that I put on is like a gateway drug…I just end up playing more and more and more and more…until I forget about the work that I actually had to do in the first place.

But I’m not saying that study breaks aren’t important.

Take breaks…just make sure you exercise a little self-control and regulate the length of those breaks.

6. Don’t let your laundry build-up.


Living on res means that I am responsible for washing my own clothes.

And I don’t like to do it very often.

I got really busy in November…and I neglected my bag of dirty clothes sitting in the corner of my room for a few weeks.

Long story short, up until a few days ago, that bag was overflowing with clothing, including my sweaty gym clothes which started to smell.

Gross, I know. So I’m going to start doing at least one load of laundry every couple weeks…it’ll sure save me money on Febreeze, that’s for sure 😉

So there you have it…the little pieces of wisdom that I picked up during my first semester.

If you have any other suggestions or pieces of advice, let me know!