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Parental Guidance

15 Nov

I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately. Nothing new.

I’ve got three essays to write, a group presentation to do, and a couple more tests before the end of the semester in two weeks.

Oh yeah…and then I guess there’s exams to worry about.

Even though I’m unloading the sources of my stress here in my blog, I’m not usually the type to whine and complain. I just bottle up the stress and no one would ever know that I was worried about anything. I look pretty calm, cool, and collected 24/7.

But there are a couple people that I can’t fool: my parents.

Since I know that they can tell when I’m stressed, I usually just tell them about my problems.

I’ll text my mom and dad about the tests I’m studying for, or about the essay that I’m writing. And generally, they either reassure me…or they make me laugh.

It’s as my dad always says: “The only people in the world that truly care about you are your family.”

My first thought after hearing this comment from my dad is usually something like: “Awww…that’s sweet.”

But then I learned that my parents bought a brand new big screen TV as soon as I moved out.

Huh…I’m getting a bit of a mixed message here.

(Seriously, as soon as I move out you buy a new TV? I’m gone so you can splurge and make fun purchases? Oh yaaaa, you must really be missing me!)

Don’t worry, I’m kidding. I know you care about me.

If my parents didn’t care they wouldn’t send me those amazing texts whenever I need a little confidence boost.

For instance, I was telling my mom about my best midterm mark and she said:

“An 89% on a university test is pretty darn impressive. You’re one smart cookie.”




I then told them about a minor cooking fiasco I had where I burnt some shrimp I had in the oven.

My dad’s response:

“And you got an 89% on your test?”

There are different ways of being smart, Dad. I read textbooks, not cooking instructions!

My dad also tries to make sure that I’m not overly confident. I’ll tell him I did something good, and he’ll say:

“Remember, no matter how good you are, there’s always somebody out there that’s better.”

My father: forever the realist.

I was telling my dad the other day about all the essay writing that I have to do. He gave me this advice:

“Just get it done. You don’t want it to be too perfect or they’ll expect that from you all the time.”

Very true. Don’t want to raise my TA’s standards too high for the next time.

But then there are those times when I tell my parents about tests that I didn’t do so hot on.

The most common response again comes from my father:

“You should’ve gone to plumbing school…you’d always have work. The world needs plumbers.”




Okay Old Man, agreed. But I think I’m going to see how the rest of this university thing plays out first if that’s okay with you.

Sometimes I think that my parents are crazy, but they do make me feel better when I’m feeling the pressure of first year life. Thanks, guys.

But seriously though…you couldn’t have bought that big screen while I was still at home?