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So Many Distractions…

21 Feb

Reading Week is half over.

And I have yet to accomplish a single item on my assignment to-do list.

This is partly because I didn’t want to admit that I would actually have to read on Reading Week.

I wanted it to be a relaxing holiday, which is why I gave myself last weekend to just do nothing.

The problem was that that “weekend holiday” quickly got extended to mid-week.

And now I realize that I have wasted most of my break.

But there is another reason why I haven’t gotten very far on all the assignments that I have to do….


I thought that my room at school had a lot of distractions.

Turns out, my house with my family around has a lot more distractions.

#1. TV

At home, I not only have TV in the living room, but in my own room! I haven’t had cable TV conveniently located like that in a while.

The remote has sure been getting a workout.

#2. My brother watching TV

I haven’t had to share my space in a while. But at home, my brother is around.

The other day I tried to be productive and was reading a textbook chapter when my brother decided to turn on the TV. Even in my room with the door closed, I could hear it.

He really needs to get his hearing checked.

#3. Gifts

My mom bought me a new season of the Walking Dead on DVD.

So, there was a full day of my break gone.

My dad gave me the Stephen King novel he had just finished.

There was another day gone.

And finally, I got new basketball shoes.

Don’t worry, they didn’t cause me to waste a full day, but I do like to take them out of the box and look at them a lot.

#4. Friends

The thing about coming home for Reading Week is that all of my friends from high school have also come home for Reading Week.

This is great, I mean, I want to see everybody…but at the same time…friends are super distracting.

It’s all about balance…but sometimes seeing old friends that you haven’t seen in a while can tip the scale.

#5. Food

Yes, I get distracted at school by snacks a lot.

The difference is this: My kitchen at school looks pretty bare most of the time (usually I get to choose between Goldfish crackers or mustard for a snack). At home, the kitchen is stocked full of all of my favourite things to eat.

And then, my parents cook me awesome dinners (i.e. last night’s steak and mashed potatoes) that I don’t get very often at school. The mere smell of these dinners cooking distracts me for a good hour.


Add these five distractions to all of the normal ones, (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, music, games, texting, etc.), and you get one severely distracted person.

But I think I finally figured out the solution: All I have to do is—OMG LOOK AT THOSE FROGS!


What was I saying?


What More Can I Say?

6 Jan

I encountered a small problem over the holidays.

 I saw a lot of my relatives, and everybody seems to want to ask the one question that I don’t know how to answer in more than one word.

Here it is:

“How’s school going?”

Simple enough question.

Clearly meant to be a conversation starter.

Understandable, too, since the first thing that my family will think of when they see me is that I went off to university a few months ago.

Here’s my answer:


*smile & nod*

A simple answer to a simple question.


What comes next?

In my experience, next comes an awkward moment of silence in which you think to yourself: “What now?”


It’s such a broad and open-ended question.

It also usually ends a conversation, rather than starting it.

So why does it happen so often?

It really makes me wonder.


The first time that I encountered this problem was back in October when I went home for my high school graduation.

I saw all of my friends, their parents, and my teachers….and every one of them asked me that same question.

I saw one of my favourite teachers and started talking to him.

The first thing he asked me was how school was going. I said good.

We stared awkwardly at each other for a moment not saying anything.

I just know he was wondering how one of his best students became such a great conversationalist.

Then, my best friend and I started talking to the mom of another one of our friends and she asked us: “How’s school going?”

We said good, and that awkward silence ensued.

My friend then started smiling and said, “What do you say after that!?” and we all had a good laugh.

Sure, an awkward situation was avoided, but the supposed conversation starter still failed.

Then I get home for the holidays and I see my uncle.

He asks: “How’s school going?”

I say: “Good.”

He looks at me and says: “That’s all I get?”


Well, yes…because apparently even though I go to the University of Toronto, get good grades, and am fairly intelligent, I still don’t know how to move on from that.

And it wasn’t just my uncle, either.

I got asked that question by a lot of my relatives.

My parents ask me every time I talk to them.

And I’d just like to point one thing out.

I learned over the holidays (to my utter shock) that they all read my blogs.

So I have a question for you, family:

If you read my blogs (about my first year experiences), why do you need to ask me how school’s going?