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So Many Distractions…

21 Feb

Reading Week is half over.

And I have yet to accomplish a single item on my assignment to-do list.

This is partly because I didn’t want to admit that I would actually have to read on Reading Week.

I wanted it to be a relaxing holiday, which is why I gave myself last weekend to just do nothing.

The problem was that that “weekend holiday” quickly got extended to mid-week.

And now I realize that I have wasted most of my break.

But there is another reason why I haven’t gotten very far on all the assignments that I have to do….


I thought that my room at school had a lot of distractions.

Turns out, my house with my family around has a lot more distractions.

#1. TV

At home, I not only have TV in the living room, but in my own room! I haven’t had cable TV conveniently located like that in a while.

The remote has sure been getting a workout.

#2. My brother watching TV

I haven’t had to share my space in a while. But at home, my brother is around.

The other day I tried to be productive and was reading a textbook chapter when my brother decided to turn on the TV. Even in my room with the door closed, I could hear it.

He really needs to get his hearing checked.

#3. Gifts

My mom bought me a new season of the Walking Dead on DVD.

So, there was a full day of my break gone.

My dad gave me the Stephen King novel he had just finished.

There was another day gone.

And finally, I got new basketball shoes.

Don’t worry, they didn’t cause me to waste a full day, but I do like to take them out of the box and look at them a lot.

#4. Friends

The thing about coming home for Reading Week is that all of my friends from high school have also come home for Reading Week.

This is great, I mean, I want to see everybody…but at the same time…friends are super distracting.

It’s all about balance…but sometimes seeing old friends that you haven’t seen in a while can tip the scale.

#5. Food

Yes, I get distracted at school by snacks a lot.

The difference is this: My kitchen at school looks pretty bare most of the time (usually I get to choose between Goldfish crackers or mustard for a snack). At home, the kitchen is stocked full of all of my favourite things to eat.

And then, my parents cook me awesome dinners (i.e. last night’s steak and mashed potatoes) that I don’t get very often at school. The mere smell of these dinners cooking distracts me for a good hour.


Add these five distractions to all of the normal ones, (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, music, games, texting, etc.), and you get one severely distracted person.

But I think I finally figured out the solution: All I have to do is—OMG LOOK AT THOSE FROGS!


What was I saying?


Spoiled Rotten.

13 Feb

Reading Week is almost here.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I’m looking forward to having a break.


Well, for two reasons.

(1) I’m up to my eyeballs in assignments.

So this week could be a really productive one (What? It could happen…maybe).

It would be so nice to be totally caught up in all of my classes.

(It might be nothing but a pipe dream, but I’m going to try to make it happen).

And (2) My parents miss me so much that I pretty much get whatever I ask for when I come home.

Now, I realize that I may sound cruel here, or even a little spoiled…but I can’t help it.

Seriously…my mom makes me whatever food I want.

(I’ve already requested mashed potatoes as a side dish for a minimum of two meals, a nice grilled steak, and cherry cheesecake—chilled, not baked).

How is anyone supposed to resist that?

Oh, and she does any laundry that I bring home, too. And I figure if she’s going to be doing it anyway, then I might as well throw in my bedding and towels and such.

And my dad is no different, even though he probably thinks he doesn’t spoil me.

Every time I leave the house my dad gives me spending money. It actually got to the point once where I actually had to refuse his money…imagine that: a university student turning down free money.

I was telling him the other day that my basketball shoes are getting really worn out and they’re starting to get really uncomfortable.

I’ll be getting a new pair over the break…nice ones.

And perhaps the best part of all…

My parents don’t make me do anything when I come home.

No chores at all.

I can’t wait.

Now I’ll admit that this whole thing sounds like a case of severe manipulation, and some might argue that I’m taking advantage of my parents’ loving nature.

But the funny thing is, they could read this blog tomorrow and that wouldn’t change a thing.

They’d still do all these things for me.

Which is why I think it’s time they deserved a little thank-you gift.

Now I’m not normally one to show much affection, but, I don’t know, maybe the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow has got me in a weird mood…

I hereby would like to tell the world that my parents are the best…(and that statement is now on the Internet so YOU KNOW it’s official).

And as a gift to them for being awesome, I’m only going to bring home one load of laundry instead of two.

You’re welcome.


Someone’s in the Kitchen…And She Probably Shouldn’t Be

19 Nov

So there’s been one aspect of university life that I never thought I would get into: cooking.

As soon as I learned that I would be staying in a townhouse-style res, my first thought was: “Great! I’ll have my own kitchen!”

But after thinking about it for a little while, I realized that I’ve never really cooked much of anything before. So what some would see as an advantage over a more traditional-style residence was not really an advantage for me.

However, if you’ll allow me, I would like to take a moment to brag about my skills with a microwave…

I can microwave anything that has microwavable instructions…soup, mac & cheese…you name it! I can microwave any kind of leftovers—seriously, ANYTHING. I can even microwave popcorn without burning it or leaving an annoying amount of unpopped kernels. And—most impressive of all—never once have I put anything metal in the microwave.

So I thought that the only time I would use my kitchen was when I wanted to microwave something to eat.

But I have exceeded my expectations.

No joke—I’ve turned into a master chef.

I’m serious (don’t laugh).

Check out my dinner last night:

Yup…chicken and pasta…

And no, I swear I did not make it in the microwave.

Man, it looks so good!

What’s that? You’d like a close-up?

Now, I know what you’re thinking:


And I also know you’re mouth is watering.

What’s that? You want the recipe?

Well, I can’t give it to you.

Like a magician never reveals the secret of his tricks, I cannot possibly reveal the secret of my master chef abilities.

I can, however, show you what else I’ve cooked up:

Chicken alfredo…..mmmmmmmmmmm…a slightly different form of pasta.…

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It’s like you can taste it, right?

You might also be noticing a pattern forming.

I could eat chicken and pasta for every meal, every day of my life.

But you may not feel the same way; you might want to see something different.

Well, have no fear…this girl is no one-trick pony!

Check this out:

Impresssive, no?

Well, it would be if I had actually made this…

But—(just kidding!)—I didn’t.

I’m not even really sure if I could identify what’s in the picture other than the lobster tail.

But, really, I doubt anyone fell for this…lobster on a student’s budget? Yeah, right…(I wish).

The truth is, pasta is pretty much the only thing that I’ve made as of yet—if you don’t count all the stuff I make in the microwave…

The one time that I tried to do something different, I failed miserably.

I tried to make shrimp in the oven…but I totally burnt it.

Although, my original plan was to put the shrimp in pasta…so I guess burnt or not, it really doesn’t count as “different”.

And I guess me telling you this story pretty much reveals the true extent of my cooking abilities.

I guess I have no choice but to admit that I’m not actually a master chef.

I’m also not too good to share my recipes…the fact is, I pretty much just boiled noodles, cooked some chicken pieces, and threw some sauce on them.

But, hey, confidence is important….especially when you don’t have the skill to back it up! 😉

Has anyone else out there had a cooking fiasco? What’s your favourite thing to make? Any true master chefs around? Let me know!