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So Many Distractions…

21 Feb

Reading Week is half over.

And I have yet to accomplish a single item on my assignment to-do list.

This is partly because I didn’t want to admit that I would actually have to read on Reading Week.

I wanted it to be a relaxing holiday, which is why I gave myself last weekend to just do nothing.

The problem was that that “weekend holiday” quickly got extended to mid-week.

And now I realize that I have wasted most of my break.

But there is another reason why I haven’t gotten very far on all the assignments that I have to do….


I thought that my room at school had a lot of distractions.

Turns out, my house with my family around has a lot more distractions.

#1. TV

At home, I not only have TV in the living room, but in my own room! I haven’t had cable TV conveniently located like that in a while.

The remote has sure been getting a workout.

#2. My brother watching TV

I haven’t had to share my space in a while. But at home, my brother is around.

The other day I tried to be productive and was reading a textbook chapter when my brother decided to turn on the TV. Even in my room with the door closed, I could hear it.

He really needs to get his hearing checked.

#3. Gifts

My mom bought me a new season of the Walking Dead on DVD.

So, there was a full day of my break gone.

My dad gave me the Stephen King novel he had just finished.

There was another day gone.

And finally, I got new basketball shoes.

Don’t worry, they didn’t cause me to waste a full day, but I do like to take them out of the box and look at them a lot.

#4. Friends

The thing about coming home for Reading Week is that all of my friends from high school have also come home for Reading Week.

This is great, I mean, I want to see everybody…but at the same time…friends are super distracting.

It’s all about balance…but sometimes seeing old friends that you haven’t seen in a while can tip the scale.

#5. Food

Yes, I get distracted at school by snacks a lot.

The difference is this: My kitchen at school looks pretty bare most of the time (usually I get to choose between Goldfish crackers or mustard for a snack). At home, the kitchen is stocked full of all of my favourite things to eat.

And then, my parents cook me awesome dinners (i.e. last night’s steak and mashed potatoes) that I don’t get very often at school. The mere smell of these dinners cooking distracts me for a good hour.


Add these five distractions to all of the normal ones, (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, music, games, texting, etc.), and you get one severely distracted person.

But I think I finally figured out the solution: All I have to do is—OMG LOOK AT THOSE FROGS!


What was I saying?


My Top 10 Classroom Pet Peeves…(REALLY? You have to do that now?)

15 Nov

I don’t want to sound pessimistic or preachy here…but we really need to talk.

There are some things that you just don’t do in class. Here’s my list – if you think I’m missing something, let me know!

#10 – People that walk in late.

Now, I’m not talking 5, 10 minutes late…I mean coming into the lecture when it’s half over. There comes a point where you just have to admit that you missed class and give up.


#9 – The Prof is late.

I have a lot of respect for my Profs, but…really? You’re the one person in the room that should not be consistently late.

#8 – People that leave early.

I get it…sometimes you have legitimate excuses to leave class early, but I’ve seen people get up in the middle of a lecture, walk right in front of the Prof while he/she is teaching, and leave the room. Granted, this is probably more annoying for the Prof…but it’s still distracting for me when I’m trying to pay attention.

#7 – People that try to save seats for their friends.

I get it…you want to sit with your friends in class. So, you save seats for them by putting your coat on the chair beside you, or your backpack…which makes sense when it’s only one or two seats you’re trying to save. However, I’ve seen people abuse this system by trying to save an entire row of seats. They put a coat on one chair, their book on another, a pencil case on the next, and so on until all they have left to save a seat with is a pen.

Really? A pen? If you’ve tried to save so many seats that all you have left to put on one is a pen, you’ve gone too far.

#6 – People who put their feet up on the chair beside me.

Really? If it’s a widely accepted taboo if you’re in a movie theater, so don’t do it in a lecture hall.


#5 – People talking.

Again…if you wouldn’t do it in at the movies, don’t do it in class!

#4 – People that try to carry on a conversation with me during class.

I’m okay with the occasional comment from the person sitting beside me, but I really don’t want to have a whole conversation while I’m trying to listen to the lecture. And if you’re just telling me the answer to a question or giving your opinion about something the Prof has just said, don’t tell me…raise your hand!

#3 – People that use whatever means necessary to plug something in.


Let me tell you an awkward story.

I’m sitting in the seat closest to wall and the nearest outlet. I’m not using said outlet. A person sitting beside me wishes to charge their phone. Said person leans over me to get to the outlet. This person has trouble reaching the outlet. They keep trying, and keep reaching over me. They might as well be sitting in my lap. This person is a stranger to me. They did not simply ask me to plug in the charger for them.


#2 – People that watch YouTube videos in front of you.

Why bring a laptop to class if you know you’re not going to be able to resist the temptation to watch something? I got really distracted the other day in class when a guy in front of me was watching NBA basketball highlights on YouTube.

Really? It couldn’t even be a video of something I’m totally not interested in like a cat video or twerking?

#1 – People that eat during class.

Here’s another story for you.

I’m sitting in class when I realize that I haven’t eaten yet that day. My stomach starts growling…I start thinking about what I want to eat…I’m picturing myself with a nice, big sub in my hands…I can’t wait for this hour to be over so that I can hit up Subway….

And then, a guy comes in—late (ugh)—and sits down beside me. He reaches into his bag, pulls out a foot-long sub and starts going to town.


I know I keep saying this, but if ever there was a situation worthy of a “Really?”…it’s this one.

So, once and for all…

REALLY? I mean, REALLY though…