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Second Time’s the Charm

21 Feb


It’s come back.

The essay that I wrote two months ago that I thought was terrible because I basically wrote it in one night…has come back to haunt me.

I thought I’d never have to see it again.

I thought I could put that piece of work behind me.

But I can’t.

My Latest Assignment: Take that essay, and write a second draft.

In theory, it doesn’t sound too bad.

Throw in a sentence here, make some edits there…easy, right?

Nope. The new paper has to be twice the length of the old one.

I don’t want to even look at my essay again; I’m that unhappy with it.

But I have to…it’s due next week.

I tried to start it yesterday.

But I got easily distracted by the weather, dinner, and hockey.

1. It was thunder snowing. There was thunder and lightning, and a whole lot of snow. How often do you see that!?

2. I made dinner for my parents for the first time in my life. I’m still not really sure why I did this, but I was probably subconsciously trying to get out of writing my paper.

3. The Canadian Women’s hockey team won an Olympic gold medal. My dad and I watched the game a few times—just to make sure they really won, I guess.

But now I have to focus.

It’s so hard to do because I’m so far behind.

But then again, so was the women’s hockey team…

They were two goals down late in third period and they came back to win the game in overtime.

Maybe I can do the same.

Maybe I can come from behind, write my essay, and win the gold—I mean, get an A!


Actually, I don’t have a lot of time before it’s due…

Maybe I’ll have to be the United States and settle for silver.

***Starts writing her essay and realizes she’s a long, LONG way from being done***

You know what, bronze is pretty nice, too.


Too Smart for My Own Good?

17 Jan

=  yikes

One of my friends said this to me via text the other day:

You’re too smart for your own good.

First of all, thanks!

Second of all, so not true.

I may be in university and an adult now, but I do some really stupid things sometimes.

And being on my own in a new place isn’t helping.

I’ve locked myself out of my house (multiple times).

Yesterday I attempted to get something out of my bag while carrying hot chocolate and walking, all at the same time…I ruined my sweater and my jeans.

I pulled on a door clearly marked “push”….a couple of times.

I made a pasta salad, but I misjudged how much pasta to cook…I’ve been eating it for most of my meals for the last week.

Oh, and then there are those texts I send to my mom and dad every so often.

I ask them some really phenomenal questions sometimes…and it only occurs to me afterwards how dumb they sound.


Here are just a few of them:

Does chocolate stain? (From the aforementioned multi-tasking incident).

Then: It was HOT chocolate, does that make a difference?

 Is a red sweater safe to put in with a load of whites?

 How do you cook chicken? 

 Can you put a load of colours and whites in the same dryer? 

 How do you clean a green onion?

 How long will cheese keep in the fridge? (I asked this one too late…my cheese got blue mold).

So clearly, I have my moments.

But what’s really amazing to me is the fact that I can go to class in my first year of university and have my mind blown about some of the things that I’m learning…and then I can have moments like these where I feel like I’m not thinking at all.

Maybe all this higher learning is pushing some of the more basic pieces of knowledge out of my head…hmmm…

But on the bright side, I learned the answer to most of the stupid questions that I asked my parents.

I can now cook chicken like a pro, clean onions like nobody’s business, and separate my laundry in no time.

These might not be skills that I anticipated learning, (mostly when I thought of coming to university, I thought of gaining more academic-type knowledge), but they are skills that are (shockingly) important for everyday life.

So, all the expenses of university life are paying off, I think.

After all, can you really put a price on life skills?

(FYI mom and dad, that’s a rhetorical question)

Best. Gift. Ever.

26 Dec


 University is supposed to make you more mature, right?

Well, never has that fact been more evident to me than right now.

You know you’re getting older when you think that the best Christmas gift you get is a new spatula.

As stupid as it sounds, I can’t wait to get back to school to take it for a test run.

I’m probably going to eat grilled cheese for a week.



Someone’s in the Kitchen…And She Probably Shouldn’t Be

19 Nov

So there’s been one aspect of university life that I never thought I would get into: cooking.

As soon as I learned that I would be staying in a townhouse-style res, my first thought was: “Great! I’ll have my own kitchen!”

But after thinking about it for a little while, I realized that I’ve never really cooked much of anything before. So what some would see as an advantage over a more traditional-style residence was not really an advantage for me.

However, if you’ll allow me, I would like to take a moment to brag about my skills with a microwave…

I can microwave anything that has microwavable instructions…soup, mac & cheese…you name it! I can microwave any kind of leftovers—seriously, ANYTHING. I can even microwave popcorn without burning it or leaving an annoying amount of unpopped kernels. And—most impressive of all—never once have I put anything metal in the microwave.

So I thought that the only time I would use my kitchen was when I wanted to microwave something to eat.

But I have exceeded my expectations.

No joke—I’ve turned into a master chef.

I’m serious (don’t laugh).

Check out my dinner last night:

Yup…chicken and pasta…

And no, I swear I did not make it in the microwave.

Man, it looks so good!

What’s that? You’d like a close-up?

Now, I know what you’re thinking:


And I also know you’re mouth is watering.

What’s that? You want the recipe?

Well, I can’t give it to you.

Like a magician never reveals the secret of his tricks, I cannot possibly reveal the secret of my master chef abilities.

I can, however, show you what else I’ve cooked up:

Chicken alfredo…..mmmmmmmmmmm…a slightly different form of pasta.…

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It’s like you can taste it, right?

You might also be noticing a pattern forming.

I could eat chicken and pasta for every meal, every day of my life.

But you may not feel the same way; you might want to see something different.

Well, have no fear…this girl is no one-trick pony!

Check this out:

Impresssive, no?

Well, it would be if I had actually made this…

But—(just kidding!)—I didn’t.

I’m not even really sure if I could identify what’s in the picture other than the lobster tail.

But, really, I doubt anyone fell for this…lobster on a student’s budget? Yeah, right…(I wish).

The truth is, pasta is pretty much the only thing that I’ve made as of yet—if you don’t count all the stuff I make in the microwave…

The one time that I tried to do something different, I failed miserably.

I tried to make shrimp in the oven…but I totally burnt it.

Although, my original plan was to put the shrimp in pasta…so I guess burnt or not, it really doesn’t count as “different”.

And I guess me telling you this story pretty much reveals the true extent of my cooking abilities.

I guess I have no choice but to admit that I’m not actually a master chef.

I’m also not too good to share my recipes…the fact is, I pretty much just boiled noodles, cooked some chicken pieces, and threw some sauce on them.

But, hey, confidence is important….especially when you don’t have the skill to back it up! 😉

Has anyone else out there had a cooking fiasco? What’s your favourite thing to make? Any true master chefs around? Let me know!