So Many Choices

12 Feb


I have a problem.

I recently got handed a few new assignments, which isn’t all that unusual since I am a university student.

The issue is this: They are all research or writing assignments, with no predetermined topics.

I can literally write about whatever I want.

And I can’t decide what to pick.

I’ve always thought that there is so much more pressure when you’re forced to pick your own topic.

Sure, at first you’re thinking “FREEDOM! YES!”…

…but then it’s 2 a.m. the night before it’s due and you still don’t know what to write about.

Or, you realize that you picked a terrible topic in the first place and you want to change it, but you don’t have time.

A good topic is the first hurdle to producing great, or at least half-decent, work. It has to be good.

This is the reason that I’m starting to feel a little nervous about completing my assignments.

Not only do I have three projects to choose topics for, but I also have to choose topics for my blogs.

That’s a lot of topics.

And to make matters worse, one of those projects that I have to do is a podcast.

I have to talk for three minutes about something.

Two things you should understand about me:

#1) I’m not sure that I’ve ever voluntarily spoken for three minutes nonstop about anything ever in my life.

#2) I’m incredibly indecisive.

Both of these points make it difficult for me to do a podcast.

My indecisiveness makes it difficult for me to do life.

I need to be absolutely sure about something before I commit, no matter how insignificant or trivial it is. I find myself thinking about every possible outcome of a decision before I make it, no matter how unlikely it may be.

Choices are everywhere, especially as a first year student.

What am I going to major in? Should I go to class today? Study now, or later? Option A), B), or C) All of the above? Do I really like this class? Drop it, or just hope it gets more interesting?

So. Many. Decisions.

How do I cope?

Well, I like to remind myself of the decisions that I’ve made that have worked out well:

1. Chose U of T. So far, so good.
2. Tried out for a basketball team. Love it.
3. Started blogging. It’s been fun.

This list is my proof of the fact that any decision that I make, (i.e. what to write about or research), has the potential to lead to something great (i.e. a decent mark).

Now, if only there was some surefire way to decide which project to tackle first…


Heads or tails?


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