New Technology

6 Jan

For Christmas, my dad and I decided to get my mom an iPad.

ipadIt wasn’t totally for her, though. My dad said that he was going to use it too…but apparently, if they couldn’t share it, then he was going to buy his own later.

Well, my parents have been together since they were in high school. They’ve shared a marriage, a home, a bank account….an entire life, really.

So I think that it’s safe to say that my dad is going to be getting his own iPad.

But, all questions of my parents’ cooperative abilities aside, I was really excited to get to see the new iPad Air.

I’m majoring in a program called Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology.

I just finished a course called Contemporary Communication Technologies.

We talked about things like this. I know about the design features of the iPad and why they are supposed to make it easier to use.

Now, you may have noticed that I said “supposed to”.

There’s a reason for that.

My parents were having a hard time adjusting.

I gave my mom some basic instructions, like how to add contacts, get into her email, use iTunes…and how to turn it on.

I even showed her how to take pictures…which I regretted almost as soon as I did it.

She turned into the lady at the Christmas party that waves the iPad around taking pictures of everything in the room.

Then she would try to get a picture of my little cousin who’s just a baby. She would walk right up to her and hold the iPad just inches from her face to get a close-up.

When I showed her how to zoom, she was very impressed.

She said that she didn’t know it could do that.

For the price of an iPad, I would really hope that it has a zoom function.

Digital cameras (remember those?) had zoom functions.



My dad was more impressed by the Apps and what they could do.

“An audiobook? This thing reads to you? No way!”

Audiobooks existed before the iPad, Dad. Remember books on tape?



I’m afraid that all this new technology won’t be good for them…that they’ll just keep upgrading and installing until they’re calling me at school every night about how to work this new thing or that new toy.

In fact, it’s already begun.

They bought a fancy new HD cable box from Rogers. The fact that the remote was different really threw my mom off.

She said that she’d text me if she needed my help.

I guess that’s not too bad…I can handle a few texts. At least she’s not calling me every 5 seconds….

HEY! Who showed Mom how to use FaceTime?




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