I’m Baaaaaack!

6 Jan



 That’s it.

 It’s all over.

My holidays have ended and I am officially back at school.

The break was too short. It felt good to be able to just relax for a couple weeks.

I needed the downtime after exams.

My break started off a little rocky, though.

I came home to find that someone (probably my dad/brother) had eaten all of the peanut butter balls. I wasn’t impressed.


Those first few days, my family was quite happy to have me home again.

They said it was good to have me around.

After about a week though, that changed.

I think my parents have gotten far too used to having the house to themselves most of the time.

How do I know this?

Well, my dad kept saying that he wanted to take me back early.

A week ago he started talking about a big snowstorm that was supposed to hit on Sunday (conveniently on move-in day). He said that he didn’t want to drive in bad weather, so I would have to go back several days early.

He also offered to pack my bags. It felt good to be wanted.

(Coincidentally, the weather was bad, but he didn’t know that a week in advance!)

But then Sunday came, and I had to go back to school.

My dad dropped me off and said goodbye.

It wasn’t emotional or anything; me and my dad aren’t like that. He joked with me, saying that he would fake a tear if I wanted him to before he left, you know, to make me feel “missed”.

That’s funny, Old Man…but we both know who cried in the car the whole way home.


Yes, my parents talk a lot about how they’re glad their kids are moving out of the house…but I know the truth.

Their lives may have been different if they didn’t have kids…they might have lived carefree and wealthy lifestyles with a big house, summer cottage on the beach, no responsibilities or childcare duties, but—wait, where was I going with this?


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