What Am I Still Doing Here?

22 Dec

I should not still be here.

 I should be on my holidays by now…not still holed up in residence, studying.

I should be at home by my Christmas tree stuffing my face with peanut butter balls and shortbread cookies.

 I should be watching Christmas specials on TV and helping my mom wrap presents.

I should be sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace reading “A Christmas Carol.”

And I should definitely have heard my dad complain about how much money Christmas is costing him by now…(it just feels wrong going this long without hearing his usual “Bah Humbug!”)

But no.

I still have one more exam to conquer before I can leave.


But seriously though…

…I’m already packed.


I’ve been soooooo bored the past week.

I had three exams last week and now I have to wait until Wednesday night to write my last one.

That’s a lot of time in there to kill.

And I can’t just spend it studying…I’ll go nuts and my room will get messy again and I’ll end up on an episode of “Hoarders”.

But the problem is, there’s nothing else to really do.

Residence has a 24-hour quiet rule in effect.

It’s getting too cold and snowy to go outside.

What else is left?

Sure, I brave the cold and make a trip to the gym or Timmies every once in a while.

But there are a lot of hours in the day that I have free.

I try to study, but my mind wanders.

I just start thinking about being home for the holidays and how good I’ll feel come Wednesday night when I’m done exams…

Man, that’s gonna be sweet.


I can just see myself after that exam…

I’ll be so relieved. One semester of university will be successfully completed and I will have 3 weeks to just relax.

I’m so happy to have a break from exams and essays that I would gladly accept my holiday vacation time as my Christmas gift this year.

Santa doesn’t have to bring me a thing but peace and quiet!

(It’ll be so much better than that year that


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