A Post-Midterm Lull and a Wake-Up Call

1 Nov

MIDTERMS ARE OVER WITH! HALLELUJAH!!!!                                               

Sorry, sorry…I had to get that out of my system.

I’m just so glad to be out of study mode.

No more reviewing for tests. No more staying up way too late to study. No more frantically trying to read the chapters that I need to read the night before the test. No more driving myself crazy making perfectly organized study notes…it’s all over with. I’m done. I’ve got nothing else to worry about…

Oh, wait. I just checked my calendar and it seems I have three essays due in November.

Huh…I might have gotten a little ahead of myself just now.

It’s really easy to convince yourself that once midterms are over, your worries are over.

But I guess that’s not exactly the case.

But those few days I had between my last midterm and the realization that I had three essays due were…*sigh*…glorious.

I gave myself a break.

I figured that after a solid week spent studying, I deserved a little time to just relax and think about absolutely nothing.

It was mind-numbingly perfect.

I watched TV, cooked myself some of my favourite meals, had a couple of nice long naps…

And then I went to biology where my Prof reminded us of our essays that are due at the end of the month…and I thought: “Ohhh, I’ve got PLENTY of time!”

And then I went to anthropology where my Prof reminded us of our essays also due at the end of the month…and I thought (slightly less confidently): “Oh, I’ve got plenty of time…?”

And then I went to my CCT course where my Prof reminded us of our essays due (yup, you guessed it) at the end of the month…and I thought (fully panicked now): “Ohhhhhhhh no. I’ve got NO time.”

So now those few days I had of rest and relaxation seem like fond memories.

I’m officially back in working mode. And I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated by writing my first set of university essays.

I know that I will have to step up my game from high school to survive here in this post-secondary world. My writing is going to have to be the best it’s ever been…which is much easier said than done.

I really haven’t written anything formal in a while. I’ve been blogging, which obviously requires a completely different writing style than what would be acceptable to a university Prof.

What if I’ve forgotten how to write formally? What if I accidently use random punctuation or CAPS LOCK in my essays!? What if I use humour (or what I think passes for humour, anyway) and I fail!?!

Oh, man. I need to calm down.

How do I beat my essay stress? Any suggestions? Did you experience a post-midterm lull? Are impending deadlines making you wish it was still PRE-midterms?

Let me know!


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