Why Me!?! (Cough, Cough)

22 Oct

It’s official: I have taken my mother for granted all of my life.

 Why do I say that? Well, I’m sick. And I’m realizing that it’s pretty nice to have someone around to take care of you.

 Out here on my own living in university res, I don’t have my mom around to nurse me back to health.

 This means:

 If I want chicken noodle soup, I have to get it.

 If I need more Kleenex, I have to get it.

 If I need Halls, I have to buy them.

 If I need Advil, I have to get it.

 If I complain because I’m looking for a little sympathy, I just get ignored.

 If I’m making weird, delirious moaning sounds, I hear “What’s wrong with you?” instead of “Oh, my poor baby!”

 It’s tough to be in university when you’re sick.

 In high school, it was pretty easy to tell myself that I could afford to miss some school and it wouldn’t have any kind of significant impact on my grades.

 But it’s not so easy to catch up after missing classes in university. There’s more content that you miss and you can fall behind pretty quickly (trust me).

 Plus, in high school, my dad wouldn’t have been on my case about how much money it’s costing him for me NOT to be in class.

 So because I felt guilty that my parents are paying a lot of money for my education, I went to class, even though I was sick.

 I sat there in the back of a lecture hall trying to look miserable enough so that no one would sit beside me…I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. (And, I wanted to avoid that awkward situation where you sniffle and cough so much that you just know the person beside you is disgusted).

 I was delirious most of that lecture. I couldn’t pay attention. Every time I tried I either ended up either coughing on myself or having to dig in my bag for a Kleenex. But at least I was against a wall so I cough and sneeze into it and not onto other people…common courtesy, you know?

 I tried to hold back. I tried to keep my coughs inside and push back my sneezes. I sipped on water hoping that would help. For the most part, I was able to keep myself together fairly well for that hour.

 But when class was over, I didn’t hold back anymore.

 I was so relieved I was free that I went outside and just let out all of the coughs and sneezes that I so desperately needed to release! I blew my noise without fear of disturbing (and disgusting) my fellow students.

 It was a great feeling.

 By the way, if there’s anyone out there who may have had the pleasure of being in one of classes these past few days, I’m sorry. If you end up sick, please don’t blame me. It is 100% my parents’ fault. They made me feel guilty about skipping class, so I had to go and spread my germs. I had no choice.

 The most frustrating thing about this whole experience though, is that I don’t know how long I have to live like this.

 I don’t know if this is just a minor cold, or if it’s the type of illness that starts up the zombie apocalypse. (Sorry, the first episode in the new season of The Walking Dead just aired, so I have zombies on the brain…)

 Bottom line, I don’t know when it’ll get better, but I’m kind of hoping it does sometime before next week (I have 3 tests to muddle through).

 I do know one thing though: The person that invented that super soft Kleenex is my new hero.


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