Welcome to the Danger Zone

11 Oct

So. Here’s the view from the front door of my res:

What you don’t see in this shot are all of the construction workers walking around on my roof with their tools that I’m sure have an actual purpose, but to me just seem to be used to make noise.

It’s midterms. And the roofs in my townhouse block need to be fixed (for some reason unknown to me).

What does this mean? Well, let me break it down for you.

Bad roofs + midterm stress + excess noise = one unhappy camper (a.k.a. me)

And in case you missed it, it’s midterms.

It’s the one time of year that first year students such as myself are starting to feel the stress of university.

Being unable to focus on studying in your own home because of noise is a problem.

A couple nights ago, before I discovered that my house would be under construction, I was feeling good about the midterm that I had coming up. I thought that I had done everything right. I studied and got to bed at a decent time. But then, I was jarred awake early in the morning by thumping and banging and crashing on my rooftop.

I was only semi-awake, so my first thought was that someone was breaking into my house. But it didn’t take me long to realize that no burglar tries to get into your house through the ceiling.

The walls were shaking. Some of the noises were so loud that I literally flinched. But once I realized that it was just construction and I wasn’t so startled, I moved on to frustration.

But the weird thing was, I was frustrated because of something that I remembered from my psych lecture the other day. It was about sleep and all the different cycles you go through during an average 8-hour rest. Basically, the last couple hours that you sleep are your longest REM cycles, which help you to recover mentally, as opposed to the first few hours that help your body recover physically.

Recovering mentally includes helping you to remember things that you learned the night before.

So my second thought after the burglar thing was this:


The positive take away here? Well, obviously something had sunk into my brain: I had remembered the sleep cycles that we had studied in class.

So even though I was still frustrated, I did get a bit of a confidence boost from this whole experience. I thought:

Pretty good that I’m able to remember all that from my lecture after being jolted awake early in the morning, eh? Even when I’m not fully awake I can recall what my prof said! Impressive, no? Oh yeah, this midterm will be a breeze! Construction? What about it? I’m going to ace this test regardless of the headache this noise has caused me!

It took me about 30 more seconds that morning to realize that my midterm was in biology….not psych.


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