Those Pesky Nerves

11 Oct

You know, I never really thought that I had any nervous habits.

I’m the kind of person that could be stressed out about something, but the rest of the world would never know it.

I just don’t show that I’m nervous. But trust me, I do get nervous. Especially before a test.

I think that the added pressure of my first university midterms have caused my nervous habits—the ones that I never thought that I had—to become more obvious.

For example:

I’ve noticed that I have this weird habit of playing with one of those foam stress balls while studying….(except mine’s infinitely cooler because it’s a stress star)

I’ve noticed that I get really quiet and don’t talk to anyone when I have a test on my mind…but I might talk to myself a little bit when I’m studying…(C’mon, you know this! YOU KNOW THIS!)

I’ve noticed that my mind wanders right before I’m about to take a test to really, REALLY random topics….Have you ever wondered if bald people use shampoo? Why does Winnie the Pooh have to wear clothes when Rabbit, Tigger, and Piglet walk around with nothing on?

I haven’t only noticed things that I do when I’m anxious, though—midterms seem to bring out a whole lot of nervous habits in other students as well.

You always see people frantically studying their notes outside of the classroom when they’re waiting to go inside for their test. (Really, what can you possibly learn in the 2 minutes you spend cramming in the hall that you didn’t know already?)

Why do people do this? Nerves.

You hear people ask the Prof questions right before the test that have already been answered and thoroughly explained….(Pencil. Student card. Don’t leave before time is up.)

Why does this always happen? Nerves.

And then there’s the classic toe-tapping, pencil-twirling or pen-clicking that people do when they’re stuck on a particularly tough question.

Why? Yup, you guessed it…nerves.

I don’t blame anyone that has these habits. I get it: we all get nervous. I’ve done most of these things myself without even realizing it.

What’s the good thing about nerves? Well, I don’t really know.

But what I do know is that every time I get nervous, I realize that I care about what I’m studying.

One of the biggest things I worried about before coming to university was that I wouldn’t find classes that interested me, or that I would hate the program that I chose.

But the fact that I’m nervous before a test means that I genuinely care about the outcome. I want to do well, because I actually like what I’m learning about.

To me, this is a big relief.

To others, well…they’ll probably just say that I’m nuts and go back to their last minute cramming.

But I want to know what you think…can nerves be a good thing? Do you have any nervous habits?


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