It’s only been 3 weeks you say? Really? Wow.

27 Sep

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed here.

(And when I say slightly, I really mean TOTALLY).

I have a little bit of work to do.

(Replace the words A LITTLE BIT with A LOT OF).

It’s been three weeks since I’ve become a university student and I am just now realizing how much work I actually have to do. It’s pretty easy to tell yourself that you just have to read one chapter in the textbook, or it’s just one test….but what you don’t realize is that the chapters in some of these textbooks are GINORMOUS, and that one test covers multiple GINORMOUS chapters plus content from lectures. Not to mention the text in those books is way too small for me to stare at for long periods of time! (Man, I feel so old saying that).

I’m trying to figure out the best possible ways to manage my time. But what I’ve found most important is being able to RELAX. I’ve been using some strategies that generally help to make me feel better when all I want to do is throw my laptop or books at the wall out of frustration. So hopefully by sharing them, you can avoid frustration as well. Here they are:

1. Take breaks!

It is impossible to sit for hours on end studying one subject. You need to give your brain some downtime. So go do something less productive for a       few minutes, then go back to studying. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you actually feel.

Warning: You might take a break and end up liking it so much that you don’t actually go back to studying. So it’s really important to time your breaks to make sure that they don’t last forever….(I know, I know. It would be nice if they could last forever…but they can’t).

2. Give yourself a little credit!

Getting bogged down with assignments, tests, and homework can really affect your confidence level. As a basketball player, I know that when I get in a slump and I’m having a bad game, it just gets worse and worse because I get down on myself. Achievement is just as much about the mental game that you play with yourself, as it is about natural ability and talent. So just remember to think positively. Say to yourself, “Hey, I got into a top-notch school like UTM, I must be pretty smart!”

That doesn’t work for you? Well, go on Facebook and take a look of all of your friends that are still stuck in high school. That’ll make you feel better about yourself!

3. Stress release is a must!

Your whole life should not be dedicated to schoolwork. Weekends and the few free hours you have during the week need to include the best possible activity: doing nothing. Activities that require no thought are the best stress relievers!

When I have free time, I like to go for a walk, go to the gym, make myself a little snack….the list goes on and on. But something to keep in mind is: take advantage of your guilty pleasures! Watch Twilight or one of those really awful reality TV shows! Eat an entire bag of chips or bust out some chocolate! Put on some One Direction or the Backstreet Boys! Just be sure that you can stop once you start…so don’t go on to watch the whole Twilight series, or open up another bag of junk food. And please, PLEASE, do not listen to One Direction so many times that you know all the lyrics to all of their songs. Boy band fandom is one of the hardest habits to kick. (Seriously, I think there’s like a 12-step program or something).

So there you have it: the ways that I, as a first year student, am relaxing during these days filled with assignments and tests. I can only hope that it’ll get better and my homework load will get lighter….(Please, someone tell me it gets lighter!)

Do you have another way to relax? Tell me about it! I’ll take all the help that I can get!


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