26 Sep

Calling all you UTM first-timers! I need to know: Have you had any awkward first year moments yet?

If you answer “NO”, you’re lying.  (We all have them from time to time).

But in a new place, in a new city, in a new life…things can get awkward more easily than usual.

You can get lost. (Which I did. But wandering aimlessly until I found the right room seemed to work….eventually).

You can meet someone new, then realize after talking to them for 2 minutes that you’ve already forgotten them name. (Which I’ve done, multiple times.)

You can walk into a lecture hall and see the one guy in the back of the room sleeping from the previous lecture. (Which I did. What do you do? Nudge him? Let him sleep? What?)

You can pull and push on a door a million times before you realize that you have to scan your T-card for it to open. (Which I did.)

You have to admit that even though you are in a program that is all about social media and communication technologies, you don’t have Twitter. (Which I don’t, and I’m supposed to be in CCIT).

And a classic:

You can awkwardly trip up the stairs. (Which I haven’t actually done yet, but I expect it to happen in the near future. It always does.) 

So what awkward situations have made you feel like a first-timer, even though you’re trying your hardest to look like your more experienced than that? Share them with me! (I need some way to feel better about my own awkward moments!)




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